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Beyond The Playground, Leonia
  • The purpose of this group is to build community among families with children in Leonia.  We seek to build community that goes beyond small talk on the playground. So share your events and invite others to join.
I Grew Up in Leonia, NJ
  • Here we reminisce about the past, reunite, share photos and documents, ​discuss ​h​istory,​ and update each other about the town's present.
Leonia Action Alliance
  • A group of Leonia, N.J., residents sharing ideas and taking action to protect human rights and stand up against injustice. 
Leonia Public Library
  • The Leonia Public Library is a unique gateway to knowledge and information for the entire community. 
You Know You Grew Up In Leonia When ---
  • Events, opinions, 600 members